DJ Shortee ★ “Coffee Cuts” Scratch Practice 9/14/06 🎚️

Stress much? I know I do. 

Like clinical OCD stress. (At least that’s what my therapist says. 😹)

But seriously dude, who isn’t struggling with some sort of anxiety these days? 

Did you know that according to the World Health Organization, an estimated 264 million people globally suffer from an anxiety disorder, making it one of the most prevalent mental health conditions worldwide. 😨 

That’s a ton of us dealing with the dangers and discomforts of stress!

So how do you deal with it?

When I get stressed, one of my go-to solutions is scratching. 

I also meditate… but tbh, not nearly as often as I should. 

(Note to self : Meditate more!🧘‍♀️)

Scratch DJ Meditation

Lucky for me, scratching is also a (super fun) form of mind-body meditation. 

I also often hear this from my students… 

Scratching totally transports them (and me) to a zen space.

Same goes for most other musicians, regardless of the instrument.

It’s just the nature of the art form of playing music, in general.

You get absorbed and when that happens, there is no more room in your brain for anything bad. 🚫🧠 

Intrusive thoughts can no longer intrude.

It’s just the action and focus of rocking your cuts that fills your consciousness. And it really is transformative. 🌀

When you are able to really let go, then you can just flowwwww! 

And time just flies by. You’ll be scratching in the zone and when you eventually take a break you might see that you’ve been scratching for an hour, even though it seems like just a few minutes have flown by. 🕰️🎶

It’s super liberating and relaxing. ✌️

Want to see a quick example of what scratch meditation looks like?

Peep this video of one of my morning ‘Coffee Cuts’ scratch practice sessions from way back in 2006. 

(Fun fact: It’s also one of the first videos I ever posted on the ‘ol Tube of You!)

It’ll give you an idea of how the act of scratching can relax and transport you to a zen-like state. I’m totally in the zone and completely focused with no room for anxiety.

Hypnotized by this infectious, swingy beat, I just let go and ‘breathe’ with my fave classic Ahhhh sample. 

Stress disappears. Intrusive thoughts evaporate. 😌

And the best part? This only took about 5 minutes to get these chill benefits. 

Sure, you can totally go as long as you want, if you’ve got the time. I’ve been known to rock the same sound on the same beat for an eternity without even feeling the passage of time. 

That’s what I call a ‘Turntablist Time Warp’. ⏳🌀

But you def don’t need to scratch for hours to feel the calming effects. 

So, if you’re feeling anxious, just step up to your decks and scratch a little; I bet you’ll feel better. 🎛️💆‍♀️

Let your fave beat carry you away as you rock your scratch flow and you might feel a bit calmer as a result.

Try it out to see how it goes!


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