Scratch DJ Session ★ 13 Female Turntablists 🎚️ Technics | SCRATCH LIKE A GIRL 2024 ★ Freestyle 1

Guess what happens when 13 dynamite divas of the decks unite? 

We spark a scratch revolution that’s nothing short of epic! It’s like Charlie’s Angels meets the turntables — full of style, sass, and some serious scratch savvy.

In January 2024, I teamed up with a powerhouse lineup of 25 female turntablists for the “Scratch Like A Girl Showcase” at The NAMM Show. 🚀

Rebranded from “Style & Grace” to “Scratch Like A Girl”, this is the third year I’ve organized and hosted this showcase for Technics, and this one was bigger and bolder than ever!

We’re talkin’ 25 phenomenal ladies, 10 heart-pumping sessions, and 2 hours of non-stop, improvised scratching magic. 💫

This first video is of one of my fave sessions from the 2024 showcase, where you’ll see 13 amazing female turntablists straight up shredding it on the Technics 1200s. ⚔️

The energy was off the charts as we cut it up to a funky fresh 105 bpm beat by The Funk Hunters. 🎵🎶

This epic scratch session features 12 of these fierce, female DJs (in order of appearance):








🎧Baby B


🎧Queen HD

🎧Nikki Duran

🎧Patty Clover


🙏Thanks to our  sponsors Technics, Stokyo with affiliates, and Jesse Dean Designs

😻Mad lovins to our flyer designer: my hubs DJ Faust at InfiniVision Media

❤️ Extra special shout out to SASH for helping to organize this showcase with me!

🥁DOPE BEAT: “Oh Sh*t” by The Funk Hunters

So, whether you’re looking for that spark to ignite your next practice session, or just want to bask in the glory of girl-empowered turntablism at its finest, this video is a must-watch.

Who knows, it might be just the thing to kick your scratch practice into high gear, or inspire that next-level routine you’ve been dreaming about. 🌟

Hope you dig this first funky scratch session of our Scratch Like A Girl Freestyle Showcase 2024! Stay tuned for more!! 🎶



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