How to Reach Your DJ Goals FASTER ★ Unlock Your Potential to Achieve Your DJ Dreams in Record Time

Want to reach your DJ goals faster?

Feeling stuck and don’t know how to unlock your potential for rapid growth?

In this video, I’ve got some super inspirational advice for you that will help you to achieve your DJ dreams in record time. (Pun intended.😘)

But first, a confession…

My name is DJ Shortee, and I’m a Perfectionist.

As a certifiable stickler, I’ve learned the hard way that a key to success is to “Start Before You’re Ready” 🗝️

Perfectionism can often be a form of procrastination to avoid the risk of failing.

So, my friend… at some point you just gotta face your fear of failure and ‘do it scared’ anyway.

Take that first step even when you don’t feel “ready” to jump in yet.

Done is better than perfect, and (as much as I hate to admit it) progress beats perfection.

Cliché but true. Trust me, I’ve soooooo been there. The struggle is REAL.

In this quick interview snippet, I’ll share my personal experiences and tips on how to take that first step to start BEFORE you’re “ready”, and embrace the gifts of imperfection to create unstoppable momentum towards your DJ dreams.

It’s all about welcoming the ‘happy accidents’, learning from your FAILures (Faithful Attempts in Learning), and planting supercharged seeds of preparation so you can step into those golden opportunities when they manifest.

This video clip is from a fun panel discussion that I did for BPM Supreme with Jazzy Jeff, ADMC, Jay Shale, Sophia Rocks, Cory Townes and Cory Guiles called “Generations of DJing”.

Want more? Peep the YouTube description for the full panel discussion!

Ready to learn how to unlock your potential in record time to reach your DJ goals even FASTER?

Peep the video and let me know what you think in the YouTube comments! 🎉💬

Best of luck on your DJ journey! You got thissssss! 💪✨

xo, Shortee

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