DJcity Cutting Room: Ladies Edition

Check out this killer scratch session that I did with some absolutely powerhouse female DJs at DJcity HQ in LA. 🌆

We were repping hard for the ladies, showing that the turntablism isn’t just a guy’s game. And guess what? We lit those DJcity decks on 🔥!

The session is part of DJcity’s Cutting Room series, and let me just say, it was an epic episode. 

Each Cutting Room consists of a video clip montage of scratch DJs from all over the world cutting it up to the same beat, with their individual footage all edited together as if they were in the same room.

Due, in part, to the nature of our male-dominated scratch scene, the tablists who have previously been invited to rock this coveted DJcity series have been mostly male, and female representation has been notably rare. 

However, this episode was the first Cutting Room sesh that showcased women exclusively (and btw, it’s still the only ‘ladies edition’ at the time of me writing this email, which just tells me we have more work to do!)

And on top of that, this wasn’t merely a make-shift montage of home-made clips from different places like their previous videos. 

DJcity rolled out the red carpet for the ladies with a profesh production, branded hoodies included. 😹 We were all filmed in one day at DJcity HQ in Los Angeles by a dope film crew who didn’t miss a trick.

The instrumental, “Ladies Room,” was co-produced exclusively for this showcase by yours truly along with Faust and Step 1. (Click here to get it for FREE in the Scratch DJ Toolkit!

Step 1 & I also laced the intro of the beat with some girl-powered wordplay scratches to make it extra special. 🎶

Here’s the lineup of incredible talent you’ll see tearing it up, in order of appearance:

  1. Javin
  2. Patty Clover
  3. Nikki Duran
  4. Young 1
  5. Annalyze
  6. Step1
  7. And me, Shortee!

We each brought our unique style and energy, making it a showcase not just of skill, but of the sheer passion and drive that fuel us. It’s all about showing that talent knows no gender and representation matters. 💃

Seeing an all-female lineup like this on a platform like this not only pumps me up, but also reminds me why we have to continue to push for more visibility: because every little lady out there who sees us gets to think, “Hey, if she can do it, then I can cut it up too!”

So, why not make your day a bit more awesome by watching us scratch it up for DJcity? You might inspire your own sessions and even pick up a trick or two! 😉

Tap in, enjoy the scratch magic, and let the girl power fuel your next sesh. 💫

Hope you dig it! 

Shortee 🚀

ps — CLICK HERE to download the “Ladies Room” beat for FREE in the Scratch DJ Toolkit!


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