How to Practice Scratching (and Get Results!) ★ Scratch DJ Workout EP 03

Ready to practice your scratching and get results? ⚡ In this LIVE interactive scratch practice session, I guide you through a scratch DJ workout that teaches you how to practice your scratching with purpose.

There’s something for everyone in this interactive Scratch DJ Workout – All skill levels welcome!

This guided practice sesh is almost 3 full hours of awesome and it’s available to you 24/7 for FREEEEEE! 

Just jump online whenever you want a solid practice sesh. Or take it in small chunks to get in some short practices throughout the week until you make it through the whole thing!

What scratch techniques can you expect in Episode 3?

💿 Baby

💿 Release

💿 Drag

💿 Skribble

💿 Bubble Tap

💿 Stabs (Fwd / Bkwd / Release)

💿 Slice

💿 Dice

💿 Boomerang

💿 Chirp

💿 Transforms

💿 Crabs

💿 Flares

💿 Hydroplane

💿 Combo Drill: Tear (1f/2B – 8th Note Triplet) + Baby (8th Note)

💿 Combo Drill: Chear or Tear (1f/2B – 8th Note Triplet) + Chirp (8th Note)

💿 Combo Drill: Chear or Tear (1f/2B – 16th Note Sextuplets) + Clover Tear (16th Notes)

💿 Cool Down Freestyle


We also cover how to:

⭐ Build muscle memory, speed, coordination & dexterity

⭐ Structure your practice sessions

⭐ Warm up with a freestyle (and why it’s important!)

⭐ Scratch with another person (Interactive Q&A)

⭐ Reduce muscle tension through joint manipulation stretching

⭐ Simplify a scratch drill for beginners

⭐ Level up a scratch drill for advanced

⭐ Use specific scratch drills to get results

These Scratch DJ Workouts are the purrfect pairing for a purposeful & productive scratch practice. 😻

What do ya think of this LIVE Interactive Scratch Practice Workout?

Lemme know in the video comments!


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