Miami New Times Ranks DJ Shortee as the ‘#1 Female EDM DJ’

Written by Kat Bein

Ten Best Female EDM DJs: DJ Shortee is #1

“We here at Crossfade & Miami New Times recently got all up in the EDM scene’s face about its lack of respect for the ladies. And part of our argument was that women who rave don’t get the love they deserve, even though some of the finest talent in the game comes equipped with a vagina.

So in the hope of enlightening the masses and giving credit where credit is due, here is our list of EDM’s ten best female DJs. You won’t see any models-turned-turntable here. We kind of can’t stand that sort of thing. Instead, you’ll find exactly what you should: a bunch of damn good DJs. And that’s all she wrote.

1. DJ Shortee
So it’s kind of totally completely unfair to include a turntablist [DJ] in a list of [mixing] DJs. Turntablism is a whole ‘nother beastly set of skills. But we didn’t want to leave the art form out. Some of you are visual learners after all, and must be made aware that yes, women can scratch. 

Shortee has been one of the best in the game [mixing and scratching] for more than a decade. She can murder a beat by herself, or merge with the homie DJ Faust as the deadly duo Urban Assault. 

What’s even cooler is the way she gives back to the community. YouTube is littered with her handy instructional videos, so all us daughters (and sons, too) can learn to scratch and beat juggle just like her. What are you waiting for?”

Peep the full listing of badass chics on the MIAMI NEW TIMES WEBSITE.

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