Why DJs Should Learn to Mix In Key

Do you know how to mix in key?

If so, then you already know the magic it brings to your blends. Your tunes sound sooooo friggin’ good together, it’s like they’re sonic soulmates.

Jammin’ together like peanut butter & jelly.

Harmonic Mixing is one of the most important skills you need in your DJ bag o’ tricks, yet it’s often the most ignored by newbies & pros alike.

If you aren’t mixing in key, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to set yourself apart from the average DJ that just matches tempos.

It’s time to mix your music like a musician!

Harmonic mixing is like a magic wand that can turn a typical DJ set into an epic experience your fans will never forget.

It empowers you to create seamless blends with ease while guiding your listener on a strategic, sensory journey as you control the energy in the room with precision..

Mixing your music harmonically gives you the magical powers to: 

🪄 Elevate the energy in the room to lift up the crowd with feelings of euphoria as they get high on the music.

🪄Intensify the vibe by going deep to keep your listener locked in as you create a powerful contrast without losing energy. 

🪄Bring the energy down with purpose when it’s last call and you gotta clear the dancefloor with class. (It’s the musical equivalent of “You don’t gotta go home, but you can’t stay here!)

Want to harness this harmonic wizardry for yourself??

Start by peeping this 5 minute video to learn what a key actually is and dive deeper into why mixing in key is so important.

It’s an intro lesson from a course I taught on Mixed In Key software, but the teaching is universal and you don’t need the software to learn from this lesson. 😉

Watch this video to learn how mixing in key can transform your mix sets from “ho-hum” to “hell yeah!” 


ps – There’s 2 more tutorials in this harmonic mixing series! CLICK HERE to learn more about the circle of 5ths and the Camelot Wheel!🌟

pps — Wanna know what skill pairs purrfectly with harmonic mixing? Beat matching by ear. 😻Click HERE to learn how to beat match like a boss.


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