How to Use The Camelot Wheel for Harmonic DJ Mixing

It’s showtime! 🌟The grand finale of your harmonic mixing series is here → Get ready to master the Camelot Wheel so that you can mix music in key with ease! 🎵

This is the third tutorial in a series of 3 on mixing in key,  so if you missed ’em, you can catch the first tutorial here and peep the second tutorial here. 😉

In this third episode, I show you how to use the Camelot Wheel in 8 essentials ways to mix your tracks harmonically while you’re DJing.

You’re about to learn the 4 basic ‘tried & true’ Camelot Wheel formulas as well as 4 additional formulas for you to experiment with. 💫

Now, if you're wondering... What the heck Camelot Wheel?

I’m not referring to King Arthur’s legendary castle, or the hilarious Monty Python parodies (although the Camelot Wheel is the holy grail for harmonic DJ mixing.) 🏆

I’m talkin’ about your secret DJ decoder ring that’ll take your mixes from “meh” to “magnificent”! 🤩

Let me break it down for ya…

Imagine the Circle of Fifths, but with a simplified twist. 

It’s a DJ’s dream tool, making harmonic mixing simple without the headache of memorizing every key in the Circle of Fifths.

Twelve key steps, each a fifth from the last, wrap around this strategic circle.

The outer circle holds the major keys, labeled with a number from 1-12 and the letter ‘B’.

While the inner circle is all about those minor keys, marked with a number 1-12 and  the letter ‘A’.

It’s a musical map with a rainbow of colors guiding you  to a transition treasure trove!🌈🪙

What you’ll discover in this video:

🧭 Navigating the Camelot Wheel: Your shortcut to the 8 essential harmonic mixing formulas.

🎚️ Instant key matching: Seamlessly mix tracks in the same key with ease.

🎶 Smooth key transitions: Methodically step up or down keys in various ways – like a pro.

🧩 Mix it up: Go from Major to Minor, jump semitones to full tones – you name it!

🎓 Music Theory, Simplified: A cheat sheet to the Circle of 5ths, without the confusion.

This isn’t just another tutorial, %FIRSTNAME%.

It’s the templar key to unlocking the Camelot Wheel so you can reach ‘Knight Grand Cross’ status with your extraordinary mixing skills. 🗝️

Here’s why the Camelot Wheel is a must-have tool for DJs:

🤘 Avoid Confusion: The Camelot Wheel simplifies the complex Circle of 5ths, so you can focus on what you do best – rocking the decks! 

🎧 For Every DJ: Whether you’re rockin’ your bedroom, a wedding, a nightclub or a festival stage, this is your secret weapon for every sonic scenario. 

💃 Creative Freedom: Learn to use the wheel to guide your DJ sets and inspire your creativity with each formula. 

Ready to breathe eternal life into your DJ sets? 

Then choose wisely and watch this video tutorial to master the magic of the Camelot Wheel. Your ‘knight club’ is waiting! ⚔️


ps — You still here? What are you waiting for? Dive into this epic Camelot Wheel tutorial to harness the holy grail of harmonic mixing tools so you can transform basic blends into legendary experiences! 🏆


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