How to Count Beats & Bars ★ Music Theory Tutorial For DJs

To be a successful DJ, you’ve gotta know how to count beats and bars.

That means you need to learn some basic music theory– but I promise, we’re keeping it real simple here. 

If you can count to four, you’re in business! 😹

A bar or measure is made up of a group of beats that you can count so you know where you are in the music. But ya have to know where the bars and measures begin and end so you can count them. 

Music is written on a series of horizontal lines called a staff.

A vertical line drawn through a staff is a bar line.

A bar is the space between two bar lines where beats are grouped together.

Notes are added to the staff to show how long a beat lasts.

A whole note lasts for 4 counts. Here’s the basic breakdown of what notes are equivalent to a whole note. 

Reading and counting music is a whole lot like working with money. A whole note is worth $1.

It takes 4 quarter notes to equal that one whole note.

Counting beats is a must-have skill, but it’s one that’s much easier to learn by doing. 

Jump into this video tutorial to learn how to count beats and bars and start practicing along with me.

By the end of this video, you’ll be able to count beats and keep track of your bars too!

You’ve got this!


ps — Now that you know how to count beats, you’re ready to learn to beat match!

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