DJ SHORTEE INTERVIEW ★ Why I love DJing, Turntablism & Teaching

Cory Guiles asked, “WHY?” in this clip of BPM Supreme’s Generations of DJing panel discussion that I rocked with Jazzy Jeff, ADMC, Jay Shalé, Sophia Rocks, Cory Townes & Cory Guiles.

Well, that Q got me thinking a bit deeper so I thought I’d share a bit more with you… 

👉 Why do I LOVE DJing?

I’m a storyteller at heart. I enjoy telling stories through music and taking people on a sonic journey. I also fancy helping folks forget their worries by lifting the energy in the room. 

The nerd in me also digs putting together puzzles, and mixing a set is like a continuous musical puzzle!🧩 I geek out on piecing together tunes to create intricate collages of music to tell all those musical stories. 

And hey, life without music would be flat. (Get it, B Flat? B♭?) 😹

👉 Why do I LOVE scratching? 

Scratching is my all-time fave DJ skill.  It allows me to play the turntable as a percussion instrument and express my unique voice as a musician. 

It’s what drew me to DJing in the first place and still what I’m most passionate about as a DJ to this day.

👉 Why do I LOVE beat juggling?

Remember my puzzle passion when it comes to mixing? Beat juggling is live remixing and tricks — a beat collage on steroids! 

I dig rearranging rhythmic puzzle pieces to create new compositions and then rocking routines live with body tricks to add the wow factor. 

👉 Why do I LOVE teaching?

Call me DJ Enzyme ‘cause I love breakin’ it down! 😹

I dig to de-mystifying complex techniques by making them easy and fun to learn! 🤓

And I get really excited about nurturing creativity and promoting a positive mindset to help foster self-confidence in my students. 

I’m also completely addicted to helping my students achieve success and living vicariously through their unique experiences.

As a veteran DJ, I’m grateful to have exceeded all my goals and dreams.

As a mentor and coach, I get to relive what it feels like to learn for the first time and re-achieve all those milestones through my students. Their wins are my wins and it’s the best feeling to help them realize their artistic dreams on every level!

Scroll up to watch this quickie video interview Q&A with BPM Supreme to hear me cut to the chase about WHY I love DJing.

(You can also peep the full 90+ minute anel discussion on YouTube here!)

Ultimately, I adore turntablism, and teaching. 

But what I love even more is that I get to help peeps just like YOU reach your DJ goals! 

Keep on rockin’ it and reachin’ for the stars! 🌟


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